Toyota is recalling more vehicles – again!

Toyota is reviewing 6.4 million vehicles universally, including 35,124 in the UK, in excess of five separate issues.

its4women - Toyota

Around 3.5 million vehicles are being recalled to replace a winding link appended to the driver’s side airbag.

It may be damaged when the steering wheel is turned bringing about the airbag not being deployed in an accident.

Other issues being reported include seat rails, controlling segments, windscreen wipers and a glitch with the motor starters that represents a fire hazard.

This most recent recall, which affects 27 separate models, is the fifth significant one that the organization has issued in recent months.

In general, the company has recalled more than 25 million vehicles in the course of the last over two years.

Please let us know if you own a Toyota.

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3 thoughts on “Toyota is recalling more vehicles – again!

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    • Hi Edel, many thanks for your comment. If you call one of our customers representatives they will gladly talk to you about your insurance. The number is 1890 886 227

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